How does face attendance win over other biometric systems?

Traditionally companies have used the thumb-based attendance system, which served as a good substitute to card-based systems. Neither of them was perfect and faced many setbacks on reliability and security. Face recognition attendance system has gained attention in recent years. While large companies have been quick to upgrade to face recognition attendance systems, many mid-sized organizations are still working with older technologies.

Is it worthwhile to upgrade to face id attendance systems? Let’s evaluate the biometric systems objectively.

How face recognition attendance system works?

Face recognition software is a product that can provide solutions in many different sectors. It has become very popular and can be used for both personal and commercial reasons.  The system stores a database of faces. A screen, usually mobile or tablet, is placed at the entrance and employees have to simply walk towards it. A match is triggered with the database and attendance is captured within a second.

Why is face attendance better than thumb-based or fingerprint systems?

Many organizations have opted to use the technology of face recognition over the last few years. The following are some of the many benefits of using this contactless attendance system concept.

  1. Prevention of crime

Facial recognition can be used to deter criminals because criminals can be easily identified when entering a store or bank, and security can be quickly communicated. The software matches the suspect’s face with details in the database, thus exposing the criminal before being robbed inside the space.

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  • Phone security

There are several phones that incorporate technologies such as face recognition and real -time object detection software. The user of the phone has the advantage of being able to unlock the phone using face detection. If the phone is stolen, the personal information of the owner will remain confidential.

  • Tracing missing people

People who lost in the database can be quickly tracked using facial recognition. Once these people look at the camera in public places such as malls or airports, the information in the database will make a quick identification. This method has been used with success in several countries to trace those who disappeared.

  • Helps visually disabled people

One of the components of facial recognition is facial expression recognition software that can be very useful for many users including visual impairments. This feature gives users a vibrating signal when the vibration is detected smiles. This helps people who are visually impaired to be more involved in social activities.

  • Assist in police investigations

Police can use technologies such as mood detection software solutions to determine the body language and intent of identified suspects through facial recognition. If the suspect’s mood is impatient or restless, then this could be a sign of intent to commit a crime. Police also use facial recognition to identify people who have died in the scene.

  • Security in learning institutions

Security agents also use face recognition to identify the existence of people who are not legally in the education institutions. This includes people such as drug dealers who are known or are expelled students. Security forces at the site can take immediate action if an intruder is identified

  • ATM Bank

Some banks choose to use facial recognition technology to identify ATM users. In this case, the software really outlines that people who use the ATM card are the owner of the card. This helps reduce theft cases through ATM withdrawals.

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