5 Crucial Advantages of Contactless & Advanced Access Control Solutions in the Modern World

Security requirements in the 21st century is much higher than they were in the 90s. Currently, offices, residential communities, warehouses, educational institutions have temporary staff & daily visitors who are not allowed access to all areas due to security reasons.

To meet these security requirements, technological advances with contactless access control systems have proven to be very useful.

Want to know how? Here are some of the reasons that motivate us in the modern world!

  1. Ensure Hygienic Conditions Maintenance

By using a contactless access control system, a level of cleanliness can be maintained. Installed in office and residential communities, access control system without contact can prevent all of them so as not to touch the door hit everybody.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of the contact feature without access to this control device has increased. Going forward, contactless devices like this, will be used more to maintain a level of cleanliness.

  • Additional Security

The advanced access control solution offers additional security features like card based access & various verifications. Initially, access control systems used PIN technology, now, smart cards are used faster and reduce the chances of security breaches.

With the advancement of technology, the device is also better protected from cyber breaches in the back, so security is higher.

  • Smart integration

Modern access control solutions allow the integration of HR software & visitor management systems. Such integration ensures regular time tracking & visitor records can be easily managed.

With this integration, team collaboration and synchronization in activities can still save even more time.

  • Cloud Based

The latest access control solutions are all cloud -based. The solution allows maintaining a public dashboard from which information can be easily accessed by administration & reports can be prepared easily.

Information stored in the network cloud secure and can only be accessed by people who have been appointed. Another benefit of a cloud -based access control solution is that it does not require investment in a heavy system and is accessible via smartphone as well in most cases.

  • Cost Effective

With the rapid advancement of technology, modern access control systems have now become costly. The system provides easier security & easy access effectively if start-ups, SMEs, and small housing communities can also afford it.

The system also allows the integration of office security requirements in multiple locations through a single dashboard.

When it comes to access management, decision makers need to be educated with the latest advances in technology. At EmpFly, we will continue to educate our audiences about various aspects of door access control systems to help them make better choices.

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