How to Reset Change Belkin Router Password Without CD

A router is a device that allows a user to connect to the Internet. Currently, Belkin routers are the most popular name among users when you want to connect to Wi-Fi. Well, Belkin is one of the well-known companies called Belkin International Inc., a US-based company that produces consumer electronics products that specialize in networking equipment.

If your Belkin router is not working as expected then the reset is one of the useful ones that you should try first. Once you have set up your Belkin router, all settings and settings will be erased and you will need to reset your device. Therefore, before resetting it is recommended to secure a backup file in your router’s Belkin configuration. Because if you have a backup, then it is not necessary to configure your own router settings. In this blog, we discuss what steps to follow to set up a Belkin router.

How to Reset Belkin Router Using Reset Button –

1. First of all, you need to find the reset button on your Belkin router. In general, the button is located on the back of the Belkin router and also labeled “reset”.

2. Click the “Reset” button and hold it in the same position. Now the Belkin router light will blink and the power lights will change from solid to blinking. Now when the Power button stops blinking and turns green, you should understand that the reset process is complete.

3. Press and hold the Reset key for 10 seconds. Now, the “Restore to factory defaults” process will begin.

4. Again, the light on your router will blink and the power lights will turn from solid to blink. At that moment when the Power Fire stops blinking and becomes solid, you should understand that your Belkin router has been restored to factory settings.

Reset Belkin through the user interface –

1. To access Belkin’s router interface, type “” in the address bar.

2. Then click the Login button and type in the router password where applicable. When you do that, click on the submit button.

3. Now, you have to open the utility window. For this, just click on the utility tab.

4. From the list of options, select the “Restart router” option. Then click OK to confirm that you want to start over. Your Belkin router will now reboot and the user interface will automatically display the screen when the reset is complete.

5. Go to the utility window and then select the “Restore Default Factory” option so that the router settings are reset to the factory default.

6. Then click the “Restore Defaults” button and click OK.

7. Now the restore process will start and when the Belkin router is returned to factory default, the router user interface will be displayed on the screen.

How do I find the IP address of a Belkin router

· When routers are manufactured, they are associated with normal IP addresses. It depends on the company and the model of the device. For Belkin, the address is ‘’. For any changes in the router settings, the admin needs to know the address.

· After connecting any device to the router, the browser will ask for the username and password from this IP address.

· This behaves like the default gateway for the computer’s OS to change the network configuration.

· It will use the same private network address until the administrator does not change anything. It is mandatory to change the default IP Address to avoid conflicts from other devices connected to the network.

· As it is simple and easy to remember, do not forget about the security of the network. Changing the address will not affect the DNS settings, passwords, and network masks.

· Router configuration can replace all settings including local IP address and configuration. All changes made before can replace the default settings. This is only done when there is a misconfiguration or irrelevant information. It is incorrect to create a user-requested link.

Procedures for troubleshooting Belkin Router duplicate administrator error

Before starting the process, we recommend that you complete the steps in the correct and correct package as shown below to avoid problems and find unwanted errors. The procedure is very simple and helps you to fix reset Belkin router duplication errors. Here are some simple solutions:

1. First of all, click on the Start icon to open the Startup window.

2. Then, go to the ‘Control Panel’ icon and click on it to open it.

3. After that, go to the ‘Network’ option and click on it.

4. Browse for the ‘Active Connection’ network option, which will be ‘Local Area Connection’ or ‘Wireless Connection’ located under the Network Connection option.

5. Next, right-click on the ‘Connection’ icon and under it select the ‘Status’ menu bar.

6. Once selected, move to the ‘Support’ option will appear in the status menu.

7. Look for the ‘default gateway’ icon which will be the IP address of a particular Belkin router or other routers.

8. Once you know the correct IP address, enter the ‘Internet Browser’ field in the URL address bar. Perhaps, the router will be asking the user to provide credentials such as a username and password.

9. Note: We recommend that you work with a valid username or administrator and password. Although, the username will often come in blank or maybe in admin or administrator mode.

10. Finally, users may have to go to a security configuration to select a security type, such as WPA2, which is one of the protected features for the user’s network connection.


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