What Causes Download Pending in Google Play Store?

Google play download pending

While downloading an app on Google Play, some of you may have face Google play store download pending message. The error from the Store is usually caused by an unwanted update installation on your smartphone or by the size of the kit. It is very frustrating not to be able to install apps from the Store, especially since this is the only source of genuine downloads from Android devices. If you are having a problem, there are some methods you can try to help solve the problem of Google play store download pending.

4 Methods to Fix Google Play Store Download Pending Error

  1. Check your queue list

In most cases, the cause of this problem is your long list of downloads and pending updates. If this is the case then you need to plan the removal in advance, here you can:

  • Open Google Play and navigate to “my apps and games”.
  • Check if any removal or update is in progress.
  • Close all downloads and pending updates.

So all you have to do is go to the page of the app you want to download and install.

  • Check your internet speed

The first solution we will try to solve Android problems. However, this problem may not be solved by simply raising it. To do so, you must first change the internet connection. If you are using mobile data, switch to WiFi network or Hotspot and your device will restart.

I would also recommend changing the removal preferences of the app. To do this, go to the Store and click on the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner. Next, click Settings, then click Preferences to remove the option and select “On a network”. That’s it.

  • Clear Cache and Cookies

If the above methods do not work for you, clear cache data of your Google Play.

Remember, deleting application data will remove your account from the application and all the settings you have created in it. But don’t worry, you can get it back every time you access the Google Play app.

  • Go to the settings section of your device and go to the application list. Find the app from the Google Play store and click on it.
  • On the application information page, click Save.
  • Touch the Cached Light. You can also touch Data Lights.
  • Now, reboot your device, open Google Play, and try to remove an application. If that doesn’t work, clean the kit and data from your removal manager and Playback services.

Try downloading the apps through a website browser

Although you can eliminate the problem of Google Play Download Pending by opening the Google Play website on your mobile phone or PC browser. When you open the website, sign up with your account details and enter the name of the app you want in the search section. View the app in the displayed displays and click on it after you find it. When you see the Insert section on the next page, click the same button. If you are asked to provide the password for your Google account, enter it ready to complete the operation. Now, choose the tool you are using from the drop-down list. This method is not the best solution but should always be tried.

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