How to Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails 2021

There is no doubt that Gmail has recreated the meaning of communication for us. The easy-to-operate or user-friendly functions and the constantly enhanced new functions undoubtedly attract many users. Sometimes, we do encounter some important errors, such as Gmail crash in Google Chrome, Gmail Error 007 which may be due to compatibility issues, but the problem is not so difficult to solve. Especially here, we are discussing a common problem, or we can call it a major issue related to Gmail. Gmail not receiving emails has become a common problem and requires the careful attention of experts. If you encounter such difficulties when Gmail is unable to receive emails, then you must follow some troubleshooting methods to fix it.

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6 methods to solve Gmail not receiving emails problem:

Method 1:

· First, you should configure your Gmail account

· After that, you have to wait for a while and then set up the email wizard

· Then you should click the red tool button

· After completing the above steps, you should select a blue email account.

· After that, choose an email account

· Now, from the mail account dialog, you should click the add button

· If your account is already listed, you should choose your account

· Click Delete, and then click the Add button

· Next, you should click on the “Let me configure Gmail settings” option

· Finally, click the Next button

· Next, click on Gmail options

· Don’t forget to click on your username

· Then, click on the password

· After that, click the Next button

· Make sure you click the login option

Method 2: Try to open Gmail on another browser

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If your Gmail not receiving email in your inbox, you can try to open the account in another browser. Check if you are starting to send email to your account.

Method 3: Try to check Gmail storage

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If your Gmail account does not have free space, you will no longer receive any emails. In order to check the storage space, please open your Google drive, which must be registered on the drive when the user opens the account. Try clicking Upgrade storage in Google Drive to open a page showing the current storage status. The maximum free storage capacity of Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos totals 15 GB.

Therefore, if the user has reached the maximum limit, some space may be freed. To do this, follow the steps below.

· Open your Gmail account in a browser.

· Select some emails to delete and click the delete button.

· Click More on the left side of the Gmail tab.

· Then, click Bin to open it.

· Now, select the “Empty Trash Now” option to delete the email.

Method 4: Remove the email filter

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Email filtering is a process that organizes emails according to specified conditions. This may be the reason for transferring emails to different folders. The user can delete it by moving the setting button. Click Filters and block addresses, then select all the listed filters. After that, click the Delete button to delete all filters.

Method 5: Turn off email forwarding

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Users need to disable Gmail’s email forwarding feature to fix Gmail not receiving email problem.

· Click the Settings button in Gmail.

· Now, select Forwarding and POP / IMAP to open the tab.

· Click Disable forwarding options.

· Click the Save Changes option.

Method 6: Turn off the firewall

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Antivirus software includes a firewall that blocks email in Gmail. Therefore, you must try to remove the antivirus utility from the system through the task manager. To do this,

· Open your task manager.

· Select the “Startup” tab, and then click the “Antivirus” tab.

· Now, click the “Disable” button to remove the antivirus utility from “Startup”.

In this way, you can solve the problem of Gmail not receiving email. These are the steps you should follow and you surely will be able to receive important emails again. Thank you for reading.

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