Cannot Verify Server Identity IMAP.Gmail iPhone

If you see an error message “cannot verify server identity IMAP.Gmail” in your Apple iPhone or iPad iOS mail application, that status cannot verify the identity of the server, this article will guide you on how to fix it.

Does a pop-up window appear on your iOS device and says the iPhone “Cannot verify server identity”? Do not panic and read on to detect the source of this error. It is usually caused by the mail application. If the body of the warning informs you that the identity of “” cannot be verified, it means that the mail server in question cannot be validated by a reliable authority.

This iOS error message comes with two or three action buttons. You can touch Details and access more information about the server that is not validated, or press Cancel to close the message, without solving the problem. In some cases, there is also a third option called Continue. With this last option, you can close the request and continue using your email account. What to do if the Continue option is not available? Keep reading and learn how to solve this annoying problem!

What triggers the “Unable to verify server identity” error on your iPhone?

To connect to a mail server securely, your iPhone will attempt to obtain the SSL certificate from the server and then check if it is reliable. If you find that the certificate does not match the domain name, expired or did not sign the company, it will be marked as untrusted. And this is when the error “Cannot verify server identity” appears. This error usually occurs when a new email account is set up on your iOS device or after changing the mail server certificate. The same can happen after migrating an email account.

Ways to correct the error “Cannot verify server identity”

1. Quit and restart the mail application.

This could also occur among other random errors in the application with the Mail application. And often, errors like these are rectified by restarting the application. If you have recently opened the Mail application on your device, close it first to be able to restart it.

If you are using previous iPhones with a physical start button, exit the background applications by following these steps:

· Go to the home screen to start.

· Then slide up from the bottom of the screen and then pause in the middle.

· Swipe right or left to find the Messages application.

· Then swipe up on the card/preview of the Messages application to close it.

2. Soft reset/restart iPhone.

Another possible solution to this error is a device reboot or a software reboot. This is very likely to be what you need if the error is inflicted by minor system failures. There are different ways to reset the software of an iPhone.

If you are using an iPhone X, XS, XS Max or XR, follow these steps to reset the software:

· Press and hold the side button and any volume button until the power off slider appears.

· Drag the slider to turn off your iPhone completely.

· Then, after 30 seconds, press the side button again to turn your iPhone back on.

3. Delete your email account and then add it again.

Many people who found the same error when using Mail on their iOS device were able to find a solution by deleting the email account and adding it again. If you want to give it a try, this is how it is done:

· Touch Settings from the home screen.

· Touch Accounts and passwords.

· Navigate to the Accounts section.

· Then tap to select the email account you want to delete.

· Touch the Delete account button at the bottom of the screen.

· Then tap Remove from my iPhone to confirm that you want to delete the email account. The selected email will be deleted.

· After deleting the email account, return to the Settings-> Accounts and passwords menu.

· Then touch the Add account option.

· Select your email service provider.

· Enter all the required information.

Then, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the entire email setup process. If you set up multiple email accounts on your iPhone, you should also delete them and recreate them. If the error “cannot verify server identity imap.Gmail” continues to appear after this, proceed to the next solution.

4. Reset network settings.

This reset clears your recent network settings, including custom networks, and then restores the default network options and settings. If the error is attributed to incorrect or invalid network configurations, then performing this reset will probably resolve it. This is how you do it:

· From the home screen, tap Settings.

· Touch General

· Scroll down and tap Reset.

· Select the option to Reset network settings.

· If prompted, enter the password to continue.

· Then touch the option to confirm that you want to reset the network settings on your phone.

The phone automatically restarts when the reset is complete. By then, you can start setting up your Wi-Fi network to reconnect to the Internet and use online services. Once your device is connected, open the Mail application and see if the error disappeared.

5. Factory reset/master reset.

The error probably persists if complex system errors are the underlying cause. In this case, your last option would be a master reset or factory reset on your iPhone. This will erase everything from your device, including fatal system errors that could have caused conflicts with your email server configuration and caused the stubborn error “server identity cannot be verified”. If you wish to continue, make a backup copy of all your important data in iCloud or iTunes to be able to recover them later. Once everything is configured, follow these steps to factory reset your iPhone through the settings:

· From the home screen, tap Settings.

· Touch General

· Scroll down and tap Reset.

· Choose the option to erase all content and settings.

· If prompted, enter your password to continue.

· Then touch the option to confirm the complete system reset on your iPhone.

After the restart, you must configure everything on your device as you did when you first used your iPhone. Simply use the startup wizard to configure your iPhone as new. When setting up your email account, be sure to enter the correct email account credentials. Once everything is configured and your device is online, check if the error disappeared by starting the Mail application.

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