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Do you want to feel the best travel experience at a cheaper and more convenient price? Allegiant Airline flights make your trip unforgettable in one of America’s favorite small cities or world-class destinations. http://www.allegiantair.com reservations flights offer a better travel experience with low fares, all jet services, nonstop and premier travel partners.

Allegiant Airlines Information

Allegiant Airlines is an American low-cost airline that operates charter flights. This airline is one of the 9th largest commercial airlines in the United States. It is owned by Allegiant Travel company with more than 4,000 employees and a market capitalization of over $2.6 billion. The staff at Allegiant airlines are very friendly and helpful. They are trained in customer support and service.

Some of the Allegiant airline destinations are Punta Gorda, Tampa Bay, Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. Allegiant flights started in 1997 and have been certified by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) as a “regular air carrier”. Allegiant Airlines flights have also obtained charter service rights to Mexico and Canada. Allegiant Air was initially named WestJet Express, but the brand changed a year after it was founded.

Allegiant Airlines destinations

Allegiant Airlines’ continued efforts have expanded its operations to several destinations and currently operates http://www.allegiantair.com reservations flights to the following destinations:

  • Orlando-This is home to more than a dozen theme parks that make it a beautiful destination for your vacation. This place can see Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot Park and more. You will be amazed at the beauty of this place. Allegiant airlines have the cheapest air tickets to this destination.
  • Las Vegas- is a cosmopolitan city, the 28th most populous city in the United States. This city is very lively and full of diversity. There is much more for visitors. So pack your bags and explore the coolest places on the cheapest airline flights.
  • Saint Petersburg-you will find the best experience of visiting this place. Every year, many tourists come to see the wonders of this place. You can do many shopping, delicious food and much more fun activities that will make your vacation special.
  • Punta Gorda– If you are a nature lover and want to feel the bond, this place is worth a witness for you. You can also explore fine dining, dining and heritage museums. You can also fly on a loyal airline and make a luxurious trip to here.
  • Los Angeles-With so many tourist attractions and wonders, this place is well worth a great vacation. The city is full of many things for visitors, including Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland Resort, Getty Center, Santa Monica, and more.
  • Cincinnati is a city with a diverse culture at its heart. The main destinations to see at this place are the oldest bars at Roebling Bridge, Washington Park, Cincinnati Arnold’s Bar and Grill, and more.
  • Phoenix-Wake up and take advantage of great deals and offers from all airlines flying to Phoenix. This city will immerse you in a fascinating place. You can enjoy hiking, shopping, the Odyssey Aquarium, the Old Town Farmers Market and more.
  • Myrtle Beach-a hub for food events and lively nightlife. The most beautiful thing you will ever experience is the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. You can spend precious moments here.
  • Bellingham– You can spend your holiday in Bellingham’s luxurious resorts and will be pleased with the hospitality it provides to your visitors.
  • Fort Lauderdale-This city is known for its amazing beaches and boat canals. You will experience many outdoor restaurants, luxury hotels, bars and boutiques. All this is the perfect vacation package for tourists. You can plan your vacation and buy the cheapest airline tickets.

Allegiant Air’s aircraft is a mix of McDonnell Douglas and Airbus aircraft. Allegiant airlines consist of 90 aircraft. In total, the airline serves more than 115 destinations.

Allegiant Airlines service dates

Allegiant airlines do not fly daily from all locations. The daily flights depend entirely on the popularity of the route.

My Allegiant

Allegiant airlines do not have a frequent flyer program available to passengers. This airline has a point accrual system called myAllegiant. This system can be utilized by earning points using the Allegiant World MasterCard.

You can also log in to http://www.allegiantair.com reservations to check the 24*7 points earned. Another way to know points is to contact a member of the myAllegiant service. This is very easy to get to your point. Accumulated points can only be used on allegiant.com.

The accumulated points do not expire. However, after closing your myAllegiant account, it may be lost. The accumulated points can be used for all airline flights, car rentals and hotel reservations.

Allegiant Airline Trip Flex

Trip Flex allows you to change your itinerary details. This service was introduced by Allegiant Airline so passengers don’t have to worry about last minute changes to their plans. With Trip Flex you can simply change it to your needs. This service offers passengers a peace of mind and allows you to change details such as:

  • Passengers may change their reservation once, including travel date, flight or destination, without applicable charges.
  • You can change it once an hour before flight departure.
  • You only need to change your reservation once and there is no refund if the flight you booked has been cancelled.

Traveling with children

Allegiant airlines warmly welcome all passengers and are attentive to assist you throughout the trip.

Children under the age of 14 are also considered passengers as there is no service for unaccompanied minors. If a child under the age of 14 is traveling, the companion must be together for at least 15 years on the same booking.

http://www.allegiantair.com reservations have two options for children traveling under 24 months:

  • Children may be the passenger seat of FAA approved vehicles.
  • Ticketing is possible as a child on the lap of an adult traveling with the child on the same reservation.

Allegiant airlines ensure safe travel for children of all ages.

Note-Proof of age is required if traveling with a child on knees.

Allegiant Airlines seats

Allegiant airlines provide passengers with the most comfortable seats and excellent service. The airline guarantees a unique travel experience. Economy class tickets can be booked.

  • You can choose where to sit. You can choose a seat with friends or family. Or you can make new friends if we randomly allocate seats.
  • This airline only has 1 cabin class, which is economy class. Allegiant flights consist of 90% standard seats and 10% legroom.
  • The Boeing 757 has 70% standard seats and 30% legroom. This configuration makes the seat very comfortable.

Economy Class

Allegiant Flights

Enjoy a simple trip with the only cabin class on Allegiant flights. Some of the facilities in Economy Class are as follows:

  • Allegiant Air flights offer simple service without in-flight entertainment or Wi-Fi.
  • Passengers are allowed to carry electronic devices within their carry-on baggage limits.
  • In-flight food and drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with a variety of snacks.
  • Passengers can check in online and passengers can choose their seats according to their convenience.
  • The seats on the airship are set in a 3 x 3 formation. Measurements are 4 inches wide and 30–34 inches’ pitch.
  • Seats on Allegiant airlines do not tilt because they are very low-cost airlines. And it saves a lot of money.

Make http://www.allegiantair.com Reservations

Have you completed and booked your seat selection with www.allegiantair.com reservations? Remember the following before proceeding.

Approval mail

Make sure you have received a copy of the confirmation number via email. If you have not received the mail, you can contact the ‘Travel Supervisor’ using the last 4 digits of your installment card.

Schedule change

To make some changes to your plans or improve your itinerary, visit ‘Overseas Travel’. From here, you can refresh to place assignments, book pack spots, check them out, change flight dates, or scratch your way out.

Personal luggage

One personal item (free): All passengers can bring only one. This personal item could be a small and compatible hat, coat, wallet, etc. The size of the item must be 7*15*16 inches.

One piece of carry-on baggage (fee applies): All passengers are allowed to bring a local portable suitcase that fits in the overhead storage space. This carry-on bag can be a garment bag. The size of the item must be 9*14*22 inches.

Checked Baggage (fee applies): You can purchase up to 4 pieces of baggage per passenger. Luggage cannot exceed 40 pounds. The sum of the sizes of the items should be 203 centimeters. Additional charges will apply if your baggage exceeds the limit.

See Baggage Information for more details.

Prominent Allegiant Air routes

  • Las Vegas (LAS) Airplane Icon-Oakland, CA (OAK) $158
  • Flights Oakland, CA (OAK) Airplane Icon-Las Vegas (LAS) $158
  • Austin, Texas (AUS) Airplane Icon-Las Vegas (LAS) $255
  • Bellingham, Washington (BLI) Airplane Icon-Las Vegas (LAS) $225

Deals and offers from Allegiant Airlines

  • Finding the best deals and offers for booking tickets these days becomes a heavy task. Now you can stop searching and reduce the load on finding the best airlines at the cheapest prices.
  • Allegiant airlines are one of the best low-cost flights. You can get huge discounts on tickets. You can get the exact deals you need for your trip. This will save you a bit of your hard-earned money.
  • Airlines know they don’t want to spend a lot of money on plane tickets.
  • Apart from the deal, you can also save money with Allegiant Air coupons. These flight coupons can be used on online websites, advertising and promotional offers. This coupon can be used to get discounts and all kinds of deals mentioned with the coupon. You can get a discount on the ticket price with this coupon.
  • With the Allegiant promo code, you can get extra benefits on seat selection, food and beverage. This promo code can be used for many years. Not the season.
  • Being an old passenger or a new passenger, you can get a lot of good promo codes while browsing the web.

Would you like to accompany your pet in Allegiant?

Yes! Allegiant Air flights accept pets on airships! Read on to find out more about Allegiant’s pets in our room policies.

  • You can take your pets at the tourist lodge of 48 American dogs and an airship that crosses Puerto Rico’s San Juan However, you need to be aware of certain things before boarding your pet.
  • You have to pay $100 per passenger for all pets.
  • Only local poop and cats are allowed.
  • Pets must be carried in a double-sided sealed carrier so that they can fit under the seat.
  • The dimensions of the sealed carrier are 9″H x 16″W x 19″D or less.
  • Two pets are allowed for each carrier.
  • Pets must be able to rotate and stand inside the carrier.
  • Every explorer can have one pet.
  • Pet transporters are exempt from light items restrictions.
  • Passengers over 15 years old must be accompanied by a pet.

While boarding the airship at the airport terminal, pets must remain completely inside the carrier and be taken care of by explorers.

Allegiant’s Baggage Policy

All http://www.allegiantair.com reservations passengers can carry one individual item on board for free.

  • Each traveler can bring one personal item (free).
  • Items such as totes, portfolios or small backpacks should be placed under the seat.
  • The most appropriate dimensions are 7 x 15 x 16 inches (17.8 x 38.1 x 40.6 cm).
  • There is no free baggage allowance on Allegiant Air flights.
  • You need to purchase checked baggage.
  • You can purchase 4 pieces of checked baggage per passenger.
  • Checked baggage cannot weigh more than 18 kg per item and must have a total size of 203 cm.
  • You can purchase one carry-on bag measuring 23 x 38 x 41 cm or less per traveler.

One piece of carry-on baggage is allowed, such as a carry-on or a suitcase that fits in an overhead receptacle

Note: Additional charges apply for backpacks, gear wear, or potentially interesting important/excess items that weigh more than 40 pounds.

Allegiant Cancellation Policy:

Tickets canceled 24 hours prior to purchase will be refunded in full. It won’t deduct your money.

General ticket cancellation

If you wish to reserve a standard seat and cancel after 24 hours, you will be charged $75 per passenger. If you cancel your ticket, you’ll earn $75 deducted. However, this refunded amount will be credited as a voucher that can be used for future travel.

Award Ticket

Cancellation of award tickets has a fee structure similar to that of cash tickets. You have to pay $75 per passenger, per segment. However, ticket cancellation fees are waived if you purchased Trip Flex.

Also, you lose points if you make http://www.allegiantair.com reservations and cancel your ticket with points. These points will not be credited to your account.

How to cancel an Allegiant ticket?

If you don’t know how to cancel a ticket after http://www.allegiantair.com reservations, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First you need to log into your account on the Allegiant airline homepage and select the “Manage Travel” option.
  • Second, you need to select the trip you want to cancel and then go to “Cancel Reservation”.
  • Finally, a portal will appear on the screen requesting confirmation of ticket cancellation. And the ticket will be canceled.
  • After that, you will pay the applicable cancellation fee and receive a voucher if funds remain.

Allegiant airline booking and customer care

Allegiant airlines are the cheapest airlines and are committed to better travel for their passengers. Our excellent customer care team will assist you with any issues and questions related to your http://www.allegiantair.com reservations. This airline is customer-oriented and aims to provide its passengers with a happy and satisfying service.

The airline’s customer care executive will take all the necessary care to assist you with your flight. They ensure that passengers do not feel uncomfortable while traveling on suspicious flights.

However, if you are not satisfied and not satisfied with their service, you can complain about the same, and they will surely delight all your feedback and do the same on the fly for a better travel experience.


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