www.samsung.com/printersetup | How to Setup and Install 2021 GUIDE

As an expert of printing technology, Samsung printers have dominated the world with amazing printing solutions for both business and home. With a plethora of printing machines of various models, manufacturers and shapes in the global market, Samsung printers have proven their worth in printing, price and service. With exclusive support from samsung.com/printersetup, it connects and sets up computing devices for all types of Samsung printers and delivers incredible print performance and quality. From the basics of Samsung Printer Setup to opening and discovering great user-friendly features, our samsung.com/printersetup has always been the place for users.

Imagine being obsessed with what you’re used to when it comes to printers can cost you money. Instead of simply upgrading your favorite older model, take a look at Samsung’s vast range of printers. Innovative and reliable, this small to medium sized printer is available in all colors, features, and functions. With easy support at samsung.com/printersetup, you can set up a Samsung printer for your device here. Printing addiction is guaranteed when you experience the benefits of Samsung printers’ incredible technological assets. Experience the wonders of printing on a variety of computing platforms as you download, install, and set up Samsung’s space-efficient, high-performance systems at samsung.com/printersetup.

Type and range of Samsung printers

By category, Samsung printers are of the following types:

  • Multifunctional
  • Color laser
  • Mono laser
  • Inkjet
  • Large format
  • Dot matrix

Visit samsung.com/printersetup to connect to your Samsung printer in a variety of ways.

  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • wireless telephone
  • parallel

Grand features for a better business

The easy-to-use features of Samsung printers make installation and setup very smooth. Even if you’re not tech savvy, you’ll rarely need help in sorting out the skills involved in setting up your printer. Of course, if you run into any problems, please open the samsung.com/printersetup link to get the best help with our comprehensive setup guide and help.

  • Samsung printers are best known for their features:
  • Samsung’s latest printing technology for inkjet and laser printers
  • Samsung’s great features organize printing, scanning and copying.
  • Genuine Samsung inks for outstanding print quality
  • High-speed connection with Samsung printer USB 2.0
  • Email printing utility with Samsung wireless printer setup via the link samsung.com/printersetup.
  • Samsung’s highest print speed ppm for all black and white documents and photos.
  • The Samsung remote driver allows you to use remote printing over the Internet. Download it from the samsung.com/printersetup page.
  • Samsung print app for printing via Android OS or iOS
  • High quality printing by Samsung printers for glossy photo paper and envelopes
  • Reasonable power consumption by Samsung.
  • Scan Samsung printers to the cloud via cloud service

Samsung Printer Software Installer-Installation Prerequisites

We recommend that users open the link samsung.com/printersetup for the best help on setting up a Samsung printer. For this, the prerequisite is to download and install the Samsung printer software installer on your system. This software installer is a web-based utility that helps users download and install Samsung printer drivers and software needed to set up Samsung printers on their computer devices.

Supported operating systems: Windows XP SP3 or higher, up to Windows 10.

Supported products: Samsung laser printer and multifunction all-in-one printer. Inkjet and some older Samsung printer models are not supported. For more information, please visit samsung.com/printersetup page.

How to install Samsung printer software installer for Samsung printer driver for Windows 10. You can read the instructions at the samsung.com/printersetup link presented here as follows:

  1. Click the “Download button” with your mouse to launch the Samsung Printer Software Installer.
  2. To install the printer software, connect your PC to the Samsung printer.
  3. Follow the instructions in the software installer.
  4. It is important to note that if your Samsung printer is compatible with wireless printing, you can configure wireless printing settings during installation. You can easily follow these steps by visiting the link samsung.com/printersetup.
  5. How to set up a Samsung printer on a wireless network in Windows using USB?
  6. Manually connect your Samsung printer via USB and set up the printer on a wireless network in Windows 7, 8, or 10 operating system.
  7. Connect to Wi-Fi using the Samsung Wireless Setup program on the samsung.com/printersetup web page:
  8. If your Samsung printer is pre-connected to your computer using a USB cable and you need to configure it to connect to wireless settings, you will need to download Easy Wireless Setup to your system.
  9. Click the downloaded file to start the installation and click ‘Next’.
  10. Check the installation progress until it is complete and click ‘Finish’.
  11. Run the Samsung Easy Wireless application installation setup and go to ‘Next’.
  12. Turn on the Samsung printer and click Next.
  13. In “Choose a wireless setup method”, select “USB cable connection” and click “Next” to proceed to the next step.
  14. A series of existing wireless networks are displayed. Select a network and click ‘Next’.
  15. Enter the security key in the Network Password area and click ‘Next’.
  16. Wait for the connection process to complete on the samsung.com/printersetup page before proceeding. This may take a few minutes depending on your network connection.
  17. Select ‘Wireless’ and click ‘Next’.
  18. This completes the wireless setup process for your Samsung printer using the samsung.com/printersetup page. Print a test page on a Samsung printer. You can now disconnect the USB cable from the printer and computer.
  19. Steps to manually connect a Samsung printer for Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 using the samsung.com/printersetup page
  20. To manually enter the network information during Samsung printer driver installation, follow the steps below.
  21. Turn on the printer.
  22. Connect your Samsung printer to your computer using a USB cable.
  23. Double-click the preinstalled printer driver to start the installation process.
  24. If you have not installed the printer driver so far, go to “Software and Driver Downloads” on the samsung.com/printersetup page to download the latest driver.
  25. Check the appropriate box and click Next.
  26. Select “Wireless Network Connection” in the “Printer Connection Type” selection and click “Next”.
  27. To start the setup, select the “Yes, I want to set up my printer’s wireless network” option and then go to ‘Next’.
  28. For the wireless setup method, select “Use a USB cable” and click “Next”.
  29. Let the settings retrieve and collect the necessary wireless information from your Samsung printer. If necessary, connect to the help at the samsung.com/printersetup page.
  30. Select a network from the applicable wireless system range displayed and click ‘Next’.
  31. Enter all relevant network information in the appropriate boxes and click ‘Next’ when done.
  32. You are now ready to check all the information entered in the network verification and go to the next page through the help on the samsung.com/printersetup page.
  33. Now the Samsung printer is connected to the router while the LED is flashing while trying to connect.
  34. When done, you will see a message that the connection is complete and you can now disconnect the USB cable. Now disconnect the USB cable from the Samsung printer and computer and click ‘Next’.
  35. Check the box for the software you need and the wizard will copy and install the relevant files. Click ‘Next’ when the installation is complete.
  36. When the software installation is complete, select “Print Test Page” and then “Finish” to complete the Samsung printer setup.
  37. Visit the samsung.com/printersetup page for the best tips and instructions for setting up your Samsung printer.

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