How to Troubleshoot the Slow Download issue in PlayStation 4?

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Slow download speed is undoubtedly one of the main problems of PS4. Most gamers are upset with this problem, and possibly this is the only thing they hate about their PlayStation. These days’ games are getting bigger, some around 50GB and most games require online access for multiplayer games, so they are likely to be large in size.

Here’s How You Can Fix your Game Console

  1. Restart your game console

The first thing you can do if your PS4 won’t turn on is to restart it. This will help you get rid of any bugs or firmware issues that may be affecting your PS4. To do this correctly:

  • Turn it off by pressing its power button (even if it looks like it’s already off) for 30 seconds.
  • Unplug the power cord and leave it like this for 20-25 minutes.
  • Now press the power button again while the power cord is still unplugged.
  • Finally, connect the power cord to your PS4 and see if it turns on or not.
  • Use a different power cord

Another thing you can do if your PlayStation 4 won’t turn on is to use a new power cord with it. Why? Because you are responsible for providing the power supply to your game console and if it has become faulty, your PS4 will not be able to receive the proper power supply due to the fact that it may not turn on. So, try using a different power cord or power cord with your game console if it won’t turn on.

  • Pause the download and then resume

Pausing the download and then resuming works the same as rebooting a device. If the game you are downloading is crashing for a long time or starting, you should try pausing it and then resuming it. This will help increase the download speed.

  • Make sure other devices are not eating up your download speed

If your PlayStation console is connected to a Wi-Fi network that other devices are using as well, such as your home network, you will get the download speed split, resulting in a slow download. You can try to download when there is no device connected to the network. If possible, disconnect the other connected devices, your phone, computer, or other console.

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