How to Change Steam Password in 5 Minutes?

Change Steam Password

Do you want to change or reset your Steam password? Don’t know how to do it? Steam is an online digital gaming service that allows users to play and stream games on it. The stream is provided by a valve. You can easily play games and stream games on Steam. It is available in about 28 different languages. The most played games on Steam are DOTA 2, Counter Strike and GTA V. PUBG are also available on Steam.

Creating an account on Steam is simpler and easier but changing or resetting the Steam password is a slightly different process. But do not worry, in this article we have covered the whole process that you must perform to change or reset the password on the steam. To get the technique, you need to read this full article.

How to Reset or Change Steam Account Password?

  • To change your Steam password, first, log in to your account using your email ID and password.
  • Now go to the given menu in the right corner of your screen and click on the “Settings” icon.
  • After this, a dialog box will appear on your screen with your account name, email address, contact, VAC status and security status. Here you will need to select the “Change Password” option.
  • Now another dialog box will appear on your screen asking you how you would like to change your password. You can change the password with your registered email account.
  • For this, you need to click on the option “Email Email Account Verification Code”.
  • You will now receive an auto-generated code on your account. Open your account and enter an email with a verification code.
  • Now click on the link and enter the code on the next screen and click on the “Continue” option.
  • You are now ready to change your password. Enter the password you want to set for your account.
  • Enter your new password again to confirm.
  • And try one last time by clicking on “Change Password”. And that’s all. You have successfully changed your password.
  • Now log in again with your account.

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